Do you store Credit Card information?
No, In fact I never see your credit card information at all, only what you ordered and your shipping address. Paypal is widely used across the internet and is highly secure.

I love the prints but I dont use Paypal, can I still order a print?
Normally I will take a money order - just include the details of your order with it. A check will take a bit longer as to allow time for it to clear before shipping. Email me for a shipping address.

Whats the difference between Prints and Posters?

Prints are hand made screen-prints on quality 100% cotton archival paper - these are usually created in a limited edition and suitable for framing. Each Print is signed dated and editioned. Posters, are "Offset printed" (on a machine) on thinner poster paper. While still of quality, these are a more affordable version of each design.

How long do framed prints take to ship?
Typically framed prints can take up to 2 weeks to have framed, but often times much much sooner (if i have it in stock).

I bought an unframed print and changed my mind - can I send it back to you so you can frame it for me?
I dont frame items myself, i typically send them out to a framer in bulk to be framed all at once (to obtain the rate i do). Sorry, but I dont accept previously purchased prints back to be framed.

Do you ever re-print sold out prints?
Rarely, but sometimes I will re-print an older design. Usually colors, paper, edition size or some small design elements will be changed in order to differentiate from the prior prints - keeping them unique and still part of its own limited edition.

Can I request a specific print number from the edition?
You can certainly ask, and if it is still available I'll try to send it to you. I always tell people that no matter what, I cannot guarantee a specific number but I'll do my best to remember your request.

How do you ship the prints?

Unframed prints are shipped USPS Priority mail. Your print will arrive in a sturdy Uline kraft tube and usually within a few days. These tubes are of really high quality to ensure the safe arrival of your print. Unframed prints can sometimes take 9-10 days to arrive once they have been shipped.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, I have price breaks if you buy large orders of posters and sometimes prints. Email me for details.

Do you do commision work?
Rarely, but it depends on the size and scope of the project. Usually an entire edition must be purchased to warrant a commision job.

Can I see your studio?

I work out of my home, so generally I dont have people through. I'd have to clean the house and my dog would jump all over you - trust me, its not worth it :)