All About Football for You

Football, a king sport, has always been a vector of passions, sometimes good, sometimes bad, or even both, as during the legendary Franco-German World Cup semi-final in 1982. Despite all the analyzes carried out by various specialists, everyone makes their own opinion of football, and reacts passionately or not.

The following graph shows the popularity of football. Far ahead of rugby or basketball (yet a major sport in the United States), football appears to be the universal sport. Even Barack Obama seems to get less attention than football.

The Problems That Appear

Despite everything, problems quickly appear. Faced with the omnipresence of money in football, victories and defeats no longer always appear as the consequence of sporting choices, but sometimes more as the result of various financial phenomena such as transfers, salaries or agent commissions.

While Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane and other superstar are a source of inspiration for many young people, a proposal is born: should we regulate football?

  • In the general press, many subjects seem to be mixed. Does the sporting value of players and clubs match their financial values?
  • Will the arrival of such players really bring added value to this set of individualities that a team forms?
  • Will the transfer system not accentuate the differences between clubs, or even call into question the competitive balance of tournaments?
  • Isn’t it indecent to spend so much money in a time of economic crisis? Where is the moral value of football?

These values ​​therefore merge and overlap, always bringing us back to one and the same question: should this business-like sport be regulated? Institutions are already in place and try to establish certain equity between the clubs, but the recent arrival of foreign oligarchs has changed the situation, and all these questions remain more than ever. Regulatory institutions are trying to adapt in order to keep control of football that has become an economic market. For the daily bet tips you can have the best options available as well. If you can browse the sites like you can have ample scope to know what’s going on and according to that you van place your bet to win big. is one of the premier sites in the industry which can offer daily tips that can help you to place your bet and get some assured win easily.

How does the regulation of football affect the values ​​of this sport?

The birth of football was characterized by the creation of bodies aiming to impose rules. Different processes have been carried out: professionalization and development of this professionalism, up to the Bosman Stop which was a new start for football, whose economic dimension is constantly growing. The recent arrival of new investors has reinforced, according to some, the need to regulate this sport to come closer to its initial values.

The analysis of the Web of Science database carried out thanks to Cortext shows us that the debate around the regulation of football intensified in the scientific press from the years 2008, year since which rich patrons began to invest in the football. soccer. A more detailed analysis of the documents tells us that according to this scientific press, it is becoming urgent to regulate football because the economic system of football is unstable.

Since 2008, the subject of football regulation has gained momentum in the scientific press, a year since which wealthy patrons have invested in football.


Various organizations, at national level (DNCG, national leagues) as well as at European level (UEFA, ICFC) then try to limit deregulation and its inequalities by controlling club finances and fighting against the abuses of over-indebtedness or excessive sponsorship, but their action does not always have the desired effect. Today, while football needs to be regulated more than ever, many questions are raised about the possibilities for action by football’s governing bodies, and about the relationship between money and sports equity in modern football.