Best Volleyball Drills For Total Domination On The Court.


Are you a volleyball player or coach? Do you want to be the best player on your team? Do you want to improve your team’s performance with drills? What volleyball drills do you know and how can they help you dominate on the court?

Volleyball drills.

Volleyball is played by two teams with each team having six players. The players use their hands to bat the ball back and forth over a high net. The target is the ball touching the opponent’s side of the court before it can be returned. A maximum of three hits of the ball is allowed for one team to pass the ball successfully over the net. In volleyball, passing is the most basic and very important skill. An assist in volleyball is the player who passes the ball to a teammate resulting in a kill. A kill is achieved when the opposing team fails to return the ball or there is a blocking error.

  1. Blocking.

This drill teaches the blockers a defense against attack from the opponent’s side of the court.


  1. On one side of the net, put three blockers in the right front, middle front, and left front.
  2. The coach stands on a large block on the opposite side of the net in the front row.
  3. The coach slaps the ball and turns to an angle facing any of the blockers and serves the ball. 
  4. The blockers raise their hands over the net to block the ball. The left side and middle blockers block the left side together. The middle blocker blocks the ball angled towards the middle. The right-side blocker and middle blocker will double block on the right side of the net.
  1. Passing.

It improves the skills of passing and aggressive serving.


  1. Three players are selected to be the passers and are placed on one side of the court.
  2. A target is selected to be on the setter position on the court.
  3. All the other players are the servers and they are found on the opposite side of the court from passers.
  4. The served ball is passed to the target in the setter position.
  5. A good pass is when the passer passes the served ball within a one-foot radius of the target. If this isn’t the case, the servers get a point.
  6. The first group to earn ten points is the winner.
  1. Serving.

The player practices how to serve to the six different zones of the court. This enables the player to serve and target a specific area of the court.


  1. Divide the volleyball team into two groups. Half the team stays on one side while the other half stays on the opposite side.
  2. Each team selects one person to sit on zone 1 of the side of the court they will be serving the ball. 
  3. The team serves the ball to zone 1 as the teammate in that position catches the ball.
  4. When the teammate catches the ball, they run to their team’s side of the court. A different teammate runs to the opposite side and sits in zone 2.
  5. The above steps are repeated until zone 6.
  6. The winning team is the first one to serve to all six zones on the court and their teammates should catch the ball in each of the zones.
  1. Setting.

This helps the setter to be comfortable with the last-minute direction of where to put the ball and practice to regularly set the ball for any front-row hitters.


  1. The setter goes to zone 2 of the court.
  2. Players are made to stand as targets on the outside, middle and right-side hitter position.
  3. The passer tosses the ball to the setter.
  4. The coach specifies if it is ‘front’ or ‘back’ before the ball reaches the setter. ‘Front’ means the ball is put in front of the setter to either outside or middle hitter while ‘back’ means the ball is placed behind the setter to the right-side hitter.
  5. The setter must complete 30 set balls in the right direction.
  1. Digging.

The players learn to absorb the ball.


  1. Three players have been placed at the back row defensive positions in the right, middle, and left-back.
  2. Another player stands in the setter position as the target.
  3. The coach is positioned on the front left or front right of the same side of the court facing the three back row defensive players.
  4. The coach hits the ball at various speeds to the back-row players.
  5. The back-row players dig the ball to the target position.



Volleyball is a fun game that can be played competitively or recreationally. It has several positive impacts like it’s a form of exercise, it encourages teamwork and it can be an outlet for tension. To play a game, it is important to know the rules. Drills are exercises conducted by players to enhance their playing skills. This will help your team to win and dominate on the court.