Can You Wear Basketball Shoes As Volleyball?

Every volleyball player/trainer has, at one time or another, asked a teammate or the internet the same question on whether or not basketball shoes can be used in a volleyball court. Both shoes are designed to provide you with a strong fit to help you move around the court. If you are looking for answers or ideas on whether you use your basketball shoes in volleyball, the answer is yes. We will outline some reasons as to why you should consider using basketball shoes in volleyball by assessing the design and the make of the basketball shoes and its role in providing you with support in all agile and dodges movements expected from you in the game.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Volleyball?

Basketball and volleyball are all games that involve a lot of jumping, quick directional changes, landing, and quick take-offs. Basketball shoes are designed to meet all of the movement and foot works in the court. The same applies to volleyball; you need a shoe designed to provide a simple and easy clip when picking or defend a shoot. Volleyball is all about jumping and quick take-offs that basketball shoes are designed to counter check-in any court.

Reasons as to Why you Need a Basketball Shoe in Volleyball


Volleyball is more of jumping; some of the most vertically skilled athletes master the courts by having the right shoe to minimize after and before impact in both take-off and bounce. Basketball shoes are designed with soft cushions, which offers you a soft and safe landing as a trainer. It is also right to say that volleyballers are a two-way jumper when compared with basketball players. These designs offer a volleyball player a better chance to take-off easily and also a safer landing experience, thus reducing injuries.

Instant Directional Changes

Volleyball trainers also need a shoe brand that can handle instant and squeaky turns, which is evident when mastering your footwork in the court. Any brand with a rounded base will let you pull and push off at a different angle equally, and this is something that basketball shoes are designed to provide to their players. Basketball shoes are designed to hold and minimize slides in the court, helping the player make sharp and instant turns in the court.

Quick Take-offs

When it comes to basketball and men or women’s volleyball shoes, the key thing you should always consider is the grip. This helps the players have enough power to take off the shoe should allow them to hold the ground firmly and reduce any action and reaction impact. An instant take-off, whether it is an attack or a simple reception, moves players need enough grip to reach any jump serves. Basketball shoes are designed to offer good grips for both players since volleyball and basketball involve a lot of jumping and landing. Basketball shoes can be used as volleyball options, but you have to pick your team’s right shoes or players. The size and material of the shoe should guide you on what to buy.