CSGO: 1.13 million viewers

Valve the developer of the game announced you could download counter strike for free. You can download it if you are a Steam client. To download the game, visit Steam Store, move to CS; GO page navigate to tab exhibiting “Play Counter-Strike; Global Offensive Free Edition.” It would be downloaded in your Steam library. The biggest drawback if this free version is you cannot play casual, competitive, or community based online games, which are key attractions of this game. The main reason for launching this free version is to strengthen and widen the audience. The audience of this game is increasing at a rapid rate of 12%, according to Steam Charts.

Prime status

If you have purchased this game or have a profile level 21 or above, then you are entitled to the prime features of this game. Prime features have multiple and exclusive benefits. You have access to prime souvenir items like arms case and to exclusive sever. You can add prime status in two ways. You can buy it from CSGO Smurf Accountsor by reaching profile level 21. You also have the advantage of playing with other prime status players. To be a member of this elite club, you need to provide your phone number as well as a fee for the game.

How to connect

After you have downloaded the game and server configuration is complete, you can connect to the server in two different ways. Connect it through the play button, which is embedded in the middle of the page. If the game is already running, pressing the button will connect you to the server. In another case, first, start the game and then click on the play button. Another way of connecting to the server is to copy and paste the ip into your console in the game and hit the enter button.

Team strategies

Counter strike global offensive is a tea-based game. Your alone endeavor is not enough to accomplish the mission; you must cooperate with other teammates for the successful accomplishment of the mission. In the first step, you need to know the rules and regulations of the game. Choose your preferred weapons and maps, improve your personal performance, and then look for dedicated, brave, and trustworthy teammates. You can choose your weapon as per your fondness. It could be a sniper rifle or assault rifle, shotgun, pistol, or SMG. There are a total of 25 weapons in the counter strike, and another 19 have been added in the global offensive.