Essential Solutions in the Rise of Kingdoms Now As You Need

If you want to do well and be the best Rise of Kingdoms player, here are the tips that will make your game perfect. Get ahead of your opponents with a quick and easy to follow guide. Check below everything you need to do to do well in this strategy game. Go for the Rise Of Kingdoms Guides and find the best solutions here now.

Focus on daily goals

The more missions you complete, the more rewards you get. All Rise of Kingdoms games have several missions that you need to complete in order to keep evolving. The main ones, of course, are the most important. However, we cannot ignore the daily goals.

These missions focus on the most diverse things involving your kingdom. It could be creating a particular army, building or repairing a structure. The possibilities are many. And these goals provide very important rewards for following the game, which makes it essential.

Evolve the Town Hall

The Town Hall or City Center or City Hall is the most important building in the kingdom. Without it you have no city, as it is this building that allows everything to evolve around you. So you should pay close attention to it, evolving it whenever possible.

In this way they will free more troops, buildings and new eras in their great reign. But the ideal is for the Town Hall to evolve with other buildings, so that there is no weakness in your city.

Have good commanders

The commanders you acquire may be historical, like Joan of Arc or Cleopatra. So it will depend on the civilization you choose at the beginning of the game. Initially you will have only 1 commander, which later changes when you are more advanced in the game.

That’s when you have to be smart and choose the characters according to their weaknesses and strengths. Think about what is best for the kingdom and define your choice intelligently.

Don’t waste acceleration items

Acceleration items allow you to finish building a building quickly. They are given at the start of the game, and then you are unlikely to win them again. So be smart and don’t use them as soon as the game starts.

As the kingdom evolves, it will take a lot longer for some buildings to be ready. This is when you must use the building acceleration items. There is no point in using them in buildings that take 1 minute to complete.

At the same time, there are items for accelerating training, healing and obtaining resources. Save them for a time when you really need them.

Form good alliances

Can you play Rise of Kingdoms alone? Yes, but he is much nicer with rings. In addition, it makes it much easier when trying to invade enemy territories. Whenever you need that little hand, your allies can send you troops, resources and even chests.

Have soldiers always ready

You never know when the next invasion or the next war will come. So make sure that your tents, stables and other militia buildings are always producing new troops. It is a way to keep yourself sure that it will not be at hand when the clashes come.

Take the level rewards

Many novice players forget this fundamental part. Picking up the rewards after completing a mission, be it secondary or primary, is obvious. But the level ones are sometimes overlooked by some players.