Find Smart Solutions in Sports betting

No matter how successfully a tennis player may have played earlier, it is important to study the current form. To determine it, take a look at the recent results and watch the latest 안전 놀이터 fights.

Motivation is key

If this is a Grand Slam game, then every tennis player will squeeze the maximum and fight to the end. Carefully bet on minor tournaments. Eminent players often participate in them because of the prize money or just keep in shape.

  • When analyzing statistics, such specific parameters are taken into account as the points won due to active actions, and not due to the opponent’s mistakes, winning games on their serve, aces, double errors, etc.

Total betting in tennis

It is more difficult to take breaks on fast courts, so totals are higher compared to slow courts. Even if the opponents have a strong serve and a weak reception, the number of games will still be greater than in the opposition of players with a weak serve and a good reception.

On TB, bet in pairs in which you expect a stubborn struggle

Remember the 메이저 사이트 match format: three-set or five-set. Total plays less in a duel with a clear favorite. The danger of TM lies in the fact that an outsider can fight in one set, and then give up dry in the remaining two games. The lower total, of course, will not work.

Handicap betting in tennis

Count the games, because the winner of the meeting does not always lead in games. A certain difference is needed. A negative handicap can play even if the player loses.

It is risky to take big handicaps. For example, to break a handicap of -4.5 requires an almost perfect game. Even a few failed games will not allow you to defeat your opponent.

Tennis betting strategies

The effectiveness of strategies depends on the bettor himself. If they are applied correctly, carefully analyze events and properly manage the game bank, then the methods are more likely to be profitable.

Double rate

The bottom line is that two bets are made for one event. If only one bet passes, the player loses nothing, and if there are two transactions, then the money allocated for these bets is doubled.

Let’s take an example. We make the following bets:

  • TB 21.5 – $ 100 at odds 1.63 (potential winnings – 163 USD)
  • The win of the favorite 2: 0 in lots – 80 USD for odds of 2.08 (potential gain – 166.4 USD)

If the favorite fails to win 2: 0, then there will be a third set, so the top total will probably pass.

Betting on the losing favorite in the set

When the favorite started to lose in the starting set, the quotes for his success increase from 1.2-1.4 to 1.6-1.9. This can be used, because most often, the favorite eliminates the opponent’s advantage and wins: if not in a game, then in a duel. Naturally, the choice must be supported by analysis.

Games betting strategy

The bottom line is betting on the game account using the catch-up. For example, a player bets 40:40. If the trade loses, the stake is increased to cover the losses and make a profit. This continues until you win, or until the bettor has lost the game bank. Also bets on the account 15:15, the presence of a tie-break, etc., are suitable.

The technique does not rely on any analysis, so it inevitably leads to a loss. We do not recommend making such bets, because after a long series of disadvantages, there may not be enough money for the next deal.