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Every sport has a proper dress code to worn while performing that activity. You cannot go swimming while wearing your regular clothes they might get soggy and heavy and will hamper your swimming motive.

Standard everyday clothing is usually impractical for swimming and is unsafe under some circumstances. Most cultures today expect swimmers to wear swimsuits.

Men’s swimsuits commonly resemble shorts or briefs. Casual men’s swimsuits (for example, boardshorts) are rarely skintight, unlike competitive swimwear, like jammers or dive skins. In most cases, boys and men swim with their upper body exposed, except in countries where custom or law prohibits it in a public setting, or for practical reasons such as sun protection. 

Competitive swimwear is built so that the wearer can swim faster and more efficiently. Modern competitive swimwear is skintight and lightweight. There are many kinds of competitive swimwear for each gender. It is used in aquatic competitions, such as water polo, swim racing, diving, and rowing.

Wetsuits provide both thermal insulation and flotation. Many swimmers lack buoyancy in the leg. The wetsuit reduces density and therefore improves buoyancy while swimming. It includes insulation by absorbing some of the surrounding water, which heats up when in direct contact with skin. The wetsuit is the usual choice for those who swim in cold water for long periods, as it reduces susceptibility to hypothermia.

Accessories needed for swimming:

Earplugs can prevent water from getting in the ears.

Goggles protect the eyes from chlorinated water and improve underwater visibility. Tinted goggles protect the eyes from sunlight that reflects from the bottom of the pool.

Swim caps keep the body streamlined and protect the hair from chlorinated water, though they are not entirely watertight. Kickboards are used to keep the upper body afloat while exercising the lower body.

Compression shorts

These kinds of shorts are used in many sports. It is made of a material where the water or sweat does not collect and make it or us wet, and they stick to our body ultimately as if making it one with our body to give your maximum comfort and freedom to the activity.

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