Handling Panic Throughout an empty Water Swimming Race

Are you worried about losing it inside your open water swimming race? This well-founded concern could easily get the greater of countless potential competitors. Even experienced coaches and racers have out of the blue panicked inside a race. Honestly, it appears like almost everybody encounters this eventually.

Comfort Strategies

How are you affected to complete in this circumstance? Feeling overanxious needs to be because of taking a couple of shallow breaths. Focus on taking deep, full breaths and achieving some needed oxygen. When the ideas continue, repeat calming words for example: breathe, relax, and quiet. Alternatively, begin counting strokes. Benefiting from effort into take into consideration, like figures, might be enough to attract attention away yourself from feeling upset.

Try the Breaststroke

Your panicked feeling may come on without warning and strongly, rather in the more gradual situation above. In situation you really begin to panic, change to the breaststroke. By moving the body position more upright, you improve your visibility and breathing becomes simpler. When using the breaststroke for a while might be enough that will assist you calm lower rapidly and continue your race.

Float lounging laying lying on your back

If you can’t relax enough to go to swimming the journey through it, rollover laying lying on your back and float. Your wetsuit’s buoyancy will prevent you from sinking. Search for the sun’s sun sun rays, if at all possible, to supply a focus. Rest and calm yourself here as they say, then develop progress by using backstroke. Resume your freestyle stroke whenever you feel comfortable.3


When desperate, swimming to race support (kayaks or motorboats) or just pump your arm up minimizing for help. As extended they do not assist you in forward progress, you won’t be disqualified. A totally new swimmer I recognize felt really really irritating and unsure during her first race. To be able to manage her struggles, she simply swam in one kayak to a new, securing momentarily to acquire back her composure. Finishing the race gave her an excitement and greater confidence to check on another.

Finish the Race

Finally, quitting the race could be the last option but resist feeling ashamed from withdrawing. Tackling a clear water swimming race isn’t any small task. Many individuals wouldn’t imagine even attempting it. Have kudos for trying and challenge yourself to get this done again.


Practicing the procedure within the list above before race day in the swimming pool or open water will reduce anxiety entering the marriage. That alone will help prevent panic. Believing you can overcome the sensation whether it begins helps a good deal.