Horseback Riding: How Often Should You Exercise

Experienced trainers recommend practicing two to three times a week so that acquired skills are not lost. However, if you cannot attend classes several times a week, you should at least do so regularly, avoiding long breaks.

Which Muscle Groups Are Worked During Training

For example, horseback riding is a great cardiovascular exercise that targets muscle groups that are difficult to work out in regular fitness workouts. The inner surface of the thigh, the gluteal and calf muscles, and the quadriceps work. Also, one of the essential rules for riding a horse is a uniform back, so correct posture is developed in the classroom.

Common Problems Face Beginners

One of the most common problems for novice pilots is fear. When approaching a horse that weighs about half a ton, many athletes are very frightened and even refuse to practice. In such situations, it is essential to remember that you will always have an experienced technician who will guide you and intervene in case of force majeure.

Furthermore, the horses provided to beginners for training are extremely calm and friendly. In the equestrian world, these animals are called “teacher horses” because they help the rider get used to it and, with the right moves, lead the novice athlete in the right direction.

What Clothes Are Suitable For Walking

As in any other sport, horseback riding is essential to choose the right clothes for training. The standard for a beginning rider includes a protective helmet, trousers, and equestrian boots or boots with small heels 3 to 4 centimeters high. Depending on the season, the top is chosen – in summer it is a simple t-shirt or polo, in winter – a fleece jacket and a vest. Clothes mustn’t restrict movement, but at the same time not be too baggy.


The essential thing to learn in the shortest possible time is safety. Although horses are naturally peaceful and friendly creatures, they are also very shy. So the first thing you should learn is precautions. As a rule, your trainer will give you a briefing before starting the session, explaining the details in detail.

What Is The Main Advantage Of Equestrian Sports?

One of the main advantages of equestrian sport is that it is a sport and a hobby at the same time. No matter what riding discipline you choose, you will have complete training. But at the same time, you have a rare opportunity for a metropolis resident to communicate with wonderful animals, learn more about them, and escape the daily grind.