How do I Install the Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp?

If you’re looking to purchase, or have already obtained a hockey shooting tarp form Sniper’s Edge Hockey, then there’s a chance you may be a bit confused on how to install it. However, it’s a fairly simple process, and one that can be followed via simple instructions.

The Sniper’s Edge Hockey tarp can be hung from any ceiling; in the garage, in a basement or any other room/building.  This is one of the most common types of installations and is very straightforward and simple.

  1. Attach the top of your tarp using the metal grommets to a standard 2×4 that will be as  long as the width you wish to install the tarp to.  The width of the Sniper’s Edge is 16 feet, but it can be installed to a width less than that if you would like.  In this case, you would use a 2×4 of a length equal to the width you want to install the Sniper’s Edge to.
  2.  Now, align the 2×4, and attach the top of the tarp to the 4 inch side of your 2×4 using  9 metal grommets on your tarp and 9 wood screws and washers.  One inch screws will work fine as well.  When attaching the tarp, do not forget to trap the included bungee ball cords between your tarp and your 2×4 on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th grommets starting from the left.
  3.  Next use three eye or hook screws.  One at each end of the 2×4 and one in the middle of the 2×4, in the 2 inch side, you will screw in an eye/hook screw.  When the tarp is hanging the eye/hook screws will be pointing up towards the ceiling.
  4. The final step is to use the eye/hook screws to hang the 2×4 from the ceiling.  Again use either an eye/hook screw in three places in the ceiling/joists. 

If installing in front of a wall, the shooting tarp should be installed so that it is approximately 12″ from the wall.

Then use 3 sections of rope, cable or chain to hang the 2×4 from the ceiling.  You do not need to use very heavy rope, chain or cable as the total weight of the tarp is only 23 pounds plus about another 20 pounds for the 2×4.

 NOTE:  The Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp should be installed at a height so that the bottom of the tarp touches the ground and even comes back toward the shooter about 1-2 inches.  Another way to be sure of proper install height is to have the top of the goal crossbar be at about the regulation, 4 feet from  the ground.