IPL 2020 Cricketing action away from home

IPL 2020 is back in action, after being delayed for a bunch of reasons, for so many months the BCCI has finalised that The Indian Premier League will be played in its complete format but not in India, It is all set up to be hosted in the UAE. The starting date has been set as the 19th of September, but the match schedules have not yet been finalised and are expected to be announced by the end of this week.

No More Delay in Cricket:

After the amount of delay that has been caused mainly because of the COVID-19 hit, the audience are even more excited to watch IPL once again, though they won’t be physically present to cheer their team on towards the lines of victory, just the idea of IPL being back has created a buzz amongst the viewers. Fans have been waiting to see their favourite players in action from Virat Kohli to MS Dhoni, from Glen Maxwell to Chris Gayle, from Yuzvendra Chahal to Sunil Narine. The lack of any kind of exciting cricketing action in the last few months has caused a load of excitement amongst the audience. People are eager to know what the new rules are going to be like, how the players are going to perform without any spectators cheering them on.

IPL has been the most exciting cricketing action that the audience has loved and appreciated over the last decade. A huge amount of young talent has been discovered through this platform, many players have gotten a spot for themselves to showcase their talents and make a maker on the selectors and this has also opened new doors for the indian cricket team selectors. New talents have been coming up and this has eventually helped the Indian cricket team grow along with the time. It is not only about cricket entertainment but also the key factor in moulding the future of cricket in India.

Time to enjoy the action:

Since IPL is back, it is now time to block your dates once the match schedules are out. We have all been pretty bored and tired of our new normal that is work from home, it is time to take a break and enjoy some amazing cricket. Get online, learn about the new rules, get the new team updates from the dream 11 IPL and much more and some patiences as we are less than a month away from the live action. Even In these difficult times the players are out here to perform and create history and show your support even if it is only going to be virtual it is going to mean a lot to the players. Enjoy every bit of action live from the comfort and safety of your homes.