It’s not a bad idea to be inspired by what others are playing, but it’s a bad idea to copy their bets

The game of online dice, also known as Craps, is one of the casino games where luck defines whether you win or lose. However, knowing the rules is what will allow you to place the bets that will influence your chances of victory.

How to play craps online?

The game of dice is one of the best known in casinos at situsjudidadu online and one of the ones with the most followers. As in all casino games in this one, by rolling the dice online you can win or lose money.

Rules of online dice

Here is everything you require knowing to know how to play dice online:

  1. Place a dice bet in the casino

At the starting of everyfresh round you must place a bet. For this you have to put the chips in the desired bet. The bet has to be on the Pass Line or Pass Line and the No Pass Line or Don´t Pass Bar.

  1. Roll virtual dice

You have to throw the 2 dice against the opposite wall of the table. This first roll is known as the “come out roll” or “Come out roll” and in it 3 things can happen:

Win the Pass Line:  If when you roll the dice online, the sum is a 7 or an 11 and you have bet on the Pass Line, you win the game, but you lose if you have bet on the No Pass line. In this case, the round is finished and a new one begins.

Win the Failure Line:  If when rolling the dice online, the sum of these is a 2, a 3 or a 12 (also known as “Craps”), the Failure Line wins and you lose if you have bet on the of Pass. In some casinos there is an exception to this rule and 12 is considered a tie, so the bet is returned to the player. In both cases the round is also finished and a new one begins.