Know The Rules Of Bouldering

When one is bouldering, they need to give special attention to the way they are climbing the wall. It is important for people to understand that there are some specific rules which need to be maintained. Since it is a dangerous Activity the rules become all the more important. One should try not to go above the panel mark which is 13 feet. However, beginners should try to stay below 10 feet as they are still not aware of the rules of the game. Climbing London is no doubt fun, but it is also dangerous and safety measures need to be kept in mind.

Walk don’t jump

When you are bouldering it is important for you to climb down the wall slowly. There are many people who just tend to jump down the wall to show how confident they are on themselves. This should be avoided as it increases the risk of falling down. In order to minimize the risk of getting injured, it is advised to climb down the wall and not jump. It is very important to make a note of it so that you are not injured while you are enjoying your favorite sports. Climbing London is not a small thing but needs a lot of attention and carefulness.

Keep a watch

It is required for one person to stand down and keep a watch over the person who is bouldering. This will help them to Help and notify the person when they are in the fall zone. This is one of the safety rules that has been undertaking for climbing London purposes. Whether you’re climbing a rock or a wall, there is danger in every kind of sport. The trick is to be safe even after so many dangers. Once you have climbed, you can help your friends by keeping a watch over their activities.


Now, that you are aware of the tricks and rules and regulations of the game, it is essential for you to follow them. This will ensure your own safety. Climbing London is fun and there is a chance that you might just get lost in it, but it is also important to live and let others live in peace. If anything happens to you, it will not only create a panic among the climbers but also take away all the fun. Therefore the rules and regulations of bouldering have been framed in such a manner that it keeps the safety of the climber as its utmost priority.