Learn how to do strength training at home- a guide

Call it resistance training or weight training, strength training must form a part of fitness program. It improves muscular endurance and makes one stronger and fitter. While you move against certain types of resistance like body weight, dumbbells and barbells, workout bands, etc, the versatile kind of workout may be done in home. Stay comfortable, and pursue strength training workout in the privacy of your abode. Strength training at home can wonderfully benefit your health and improve fitness. It develops lean muscles, burns fat, boosts metabolism and increases bone density. Strength training can also improve flexibility, improves cognitive functions and brain health. By working out at home, you can save time, money and energy. Take online fitness classes, yoga and meditation classes from Gym Aesthetics, the leading German apparel brand for fitness freaks. Check the website for the latest updates on strength training exercises and live videos from experienced trainers.

Pushups: the best form of home exercise without equipment

You don’t need any equipment to do pushups. It is an excellent strength training workout for it exercises the entire core muscles. But, it is important to always maintain a straight back and not falling back. Standard pushups will workout triceps, abdominals and shoulder muscles. Put weight on the toes for a challenging workout.

Lower body workout with lunges

Perform basic lunges at home to workout the muscles of lower body. These include the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps. Besides, there are several variations of lunges like jumping lunches, waking lunges, side lunges, etc. To get your body in shape or to tone up the muscles, the best way is to do strength training.

However, before starting with a fitness program at home, ask a fitness professional to do fitness assessment. Strength training is beneficial for it requires the least or no equipment, and can be done in the privacy and comfort of one’s home.

Do squats to build muscles

Squats is again a good strength training exercise to build muscles, burn fat and improve health. Here one relies on body weight solely for there is no weight or barbell. Maintain good form and posture and do 3 sets at least. To feel more comfortable all throughout the squat movements, procure strength training equipments and gym wear from Gym Aesthetics. Buy loose fit T-Shirts, shorts, tank tops, Gym Stringer for Men, tights and leggings at budget friendly rates.

Pull-ups to train your round muscles, forearms and lats

Use the pull-up bar in your house to do at least 50 sets of pull-ups to train your forearms, lats and round muscles. Well, the best substitute for pull-up would be inverted row.

Cardio exercise at home

So, you don’t have a treadmill at home. Not having a treadmill does not mean you cannot do cardio exercise at home. You can do sprints for 15 seconds to save time and then rest for a while. You may also move up and down the stairs and jog.

How to get guidance for strength training exercise?

In these difficult times, when Corona is wreaking havoc, it is not safe to move out and exercise in the gym. You may now pursue strength training exercise in your home itself by following live strength training videos and also take guidance on strength training from the leading fitness experts on the Gym Aesthetics portal.

Apart from doing the right moves for strength training at home, you also need proper fitness clothes. Gym Aesthetics takes the privilege of offering a complete range of strength training fitness wears. Buy attractive shirts, pants, shorts in amazing hues and stay motivated all throughout the training session.