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Difficult to describe the physical qualities required to evolve as an attacker. What, on a physical level, brings Didier Drogba closer to Lionel Messi for example? To put it simply, attackers can be classified into two main categories.

  • The “powerful” attackers (Drogba type), strong in duels, good in the air, able to weigh on a defense.
  • “Mobile” attackers (Messi type), smaller in size, but faster, more agile, capable of creating danger with the ball at the foot.

To these “specific” qualities, we can add qualities common to all attackers: having the ability to repeat intense efforts (ball calls + ball runs at the foot) and withstand the loads of opposing defenders.

The Technique

Being an attacker is above all knowing how to do everything very quickly. It is thanks to their speed of movement that great attackers make the difference and that they manage to get the best of defenders.

What is gestural speed? To be able to go quickly with the ball to the feet, to eliminate his opponent with quick dribbles, to quickly launch strikes in small spaces … Since the primary objective of the post is to score goals, it is obviously very important to ‘be skillful in front of the opposing goal.

Finally, the paraphernalia of the great striker also includes a good strike and a good head game.


Lionel Messi (1.69m), Robin Van Persie (1.83m), Radamel Falcao (1.75m), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (1.95m), Sergio Agüero (1.72m), Robert Lewandowski (1 , 84 m). This list (not exhaustive) of the best forwards in the world proves that it is impossible to define the ideal size to evolve in this position. Considering the importance of the head game, you might think that tall players have an advantage over others.

But the smaller players make up for it with the qualities of speed and movement that are often more developed. In a two-attacking system, coaches mostly use two players with different profiles, with the more mobile “spinning” around the larger.

The Mental

“A goalscorer is not a dreamer, but a killer.” This is how Bernard Lacombe, top French scorer in the history of the French Championship with 255 goals, presents the state of mind that must inhabit a striker. Many attackers admit to thinking only of goal. Only play for that. This is rather understandable since it is above all on their ability to score that they will be judged.

Right Dealings

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