Starting to play women’s football – a beginner’s guide

One of the biggest doubts of women who want to start in women’s football is in which position to start, which boot to buy, which material to use, etc. So we decided to make this guide of tips for beginners in football. For more information, you can search for the best Soccer prediction sites and get all the info.

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Select where you want to play

The futsal has the advantage of being more popular and easy to assemble teams. There are only 4 players on the line, a goalkeeper and the courts accompany us from school and are more popular and even free. The disadvantage is that the game is faster and the fitness needs to be cool for those who want to start. Field soccer is perhaps the most difficult to start without having a crowd gathered, as there are at least 22 to play – regardless of reserves. In the floodplain we improvise and play with as many players as we can and have fun in the same way. As the field is bigger, the peak needs to be up to date to handle it.

And the society football field is the place for those who like to throw a ball without compromise in the cities. The courts are slightly larger than the futsal courts, have synthetic grass and officially play with 7 on each side, 6 on the line and one on the goal. The advantage is that by having more players, you can run less and start without much physical preparation.

Materials for those who are going to start playing women’s football

The basics are: football boots, shirt, shorts and socks, unless you have a team that requires a uniform or will play in the championship, whatever the outfit. We even played with a girl in jeans. What is recommended is light clothing and shorts that make you comfortable for a long running time. The stocking is interesting to acquire with the time of practice, because we put the shin guard on it. There are those who prefer to play without and be a “root” player as the meme says, but when the teammate misses the kick unintentionally, it is better that your shin is protected.

And which football boots to buy?

In general there are three models: futsal, field and society. In futsal, the boot has a flat sole, designed to not slip on the concrete or cue court. The field one has large and high latches, to fix in the grass and give stability in the movement of the race. They are usually made of iron or plastic, depending on the type of lawn. The society boot, on the other hand, has very small latches, usually made of rubber, to give sustainability to the synthetic grass and prevent slips in friction with the rubber that fill the court.

Finally, be patient. You will probably not be selected in the first selection test. You have to be persistent and every time you don’t pass, train and prepare yourself even more.