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Introduction –  

One of the facts that you should know about Costa Rica is that it consists of both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, beautiful white sandy beaches, sumptuous food and of course it is a rich coast. As the name so the game. There are many beaches breaks with bottoms that are sandy and it also consists of mellow waves, including points and reefs to the lefts and the right. Moreover, one of the things that you will find in Costa Rica is that it has year-round warm water and swells that are consistent including a plethora of surf camps there for every level – it is one of the best places to learn surfing, enhance your skills and ride the A-class waves. You can look here at, surf company and broaden your horizons on the same. Few things that you need to know about Costa Rica is here in this guide.

Seasons of Surfing –

The first and the foremost acknowledgement goes to the 2 distinct coasts and the beautiful weather out there, where you can surf in Costa Rica throughout the year. However, choosing your destination and the surfing skills that you know, some months are best than others. The pacific coast is much better with a south swell, and you can find the most suitable conditions between the months of April and November. Also, kindly note that, this is the season where there will be rains. Plus, you will note that, the swells are pretty powerful and the waves are bigger, but if you are a novice, you can find plethora of mellow waves also. Learn here more about surf camps in Costa Rica. Besides that, the dry season comprises of the weather which is very lovely and it can give out some of the most heroic surfing condition, so why not try one. But you may also get some waves which are smaller.

Surfing on Caribbean Coast –

Besides all of that, from the season of December and April, the northern swells will arrive. Plus, they are fickler when there’s a combination of the offshore winds. They develop somewhat ultra-clean waves. Moreover, the wind is offshore in the morning and little on-shore in the noon time. So, if you want some apt glassy sessions then you gotta come early in the morning. And, the best hours to surf on the Caribbean coast is from December to April. But there are many spots which work all year round and very rare the tropical storms from the coast of Mexico can bring in big waves. Moreover, Costa Rica consists of a year-round tropical climate with warm water. So, you do not require a wet suit. Simple swimwear and a rash guard can secure you from getting sunburns.

Relaxed Atmosphere –

One of the most important things that you ought to know is that Costa Rica has a very relaxed atmosphere and also its culture of Pura Vida is very good. The individuals out there are friendly, the coastlines are dotted with surf camps including surf shops, including cafes and restaurants around. Throughout the year, there are surfers around the coast and several expats are staying in the popular surf towns of Jaco, Saint Teresa, Nosara, Tamarindo and so on. Also, one of the most confusing things that you will know about Costa Rica is that no more can you distinguish between a local and a foreigner, as everyone speaks so well in several languages. And, the vibes of Costa Rice are pretty laid back.