The Importance of Buying Quality Skateboard Bearings

If you love skateboarding, then you can appreciate the value of a smooth ride. Although many factors influence just how pleasant your ride on a skateboard can get, smooth-rolling wheels are arguably some of the most important factors. For the board’s wheels to roll smoothly, the bearings have to be of good quality and in great condition. The wheels of the standard skateboard come with two bearings inside, and they are the bridge between the board’s wheels and its axle. Regardless of the size of the wheel, the skateboard bearings have a standard core measurement of 8mm, an outer diameter of 22mm, and a width of 7mm. 

These bearings, although small, are complex. Every single bearing is made up of seven parts. These are the C-ring, the bearing shield, the outer ring, the inner ring, steel balls, a ball retainer, and a rubber seal. Since each wheel requires a pair of bearings, manufacturers sell them in sets of eight. Depending on your taste and preference you can choose a style or color that suits you. 

Why You Should Only Go for Quality Skateboard Bearings

They offer low friction. The best skateboard bearings in the market offer the least friction. Friction, which is present between surfaces trying to slide across each other, will always interrupt the smoothness of a ride. Good quality bearings increase the performance of the wheels and the speed at which one can ride by reducing the friction.

They accommodate heavy loads. Great skateboard bearings will continue to work properly, regardless of weight. Furthermore, these are designed to withstand shocks that may arise during the course of a ride, regardless of the speed one is moving at. 

They offer value for money. More often than not, good quality skateboard bearings will be more expensive compared to low-quality bearings. However, considering the quality of the ride and the period they will serve you; the good quality bearings offer greater value for money. 

They offer easy maintenance and replacement. If you use your skateboard regularly, then one of the parts you will need to change after a while is the wheels and bearings. Good quality bearings will not only require little to no maintenance activities to last long, but they are easy to replace. 

They are reliable. When bearings are new, they usually offer the best riding experience for skateboarders. However, the best quality bearings will continue to offer the same experience for a long time. The bearings are reliable in all weather conditions and all types of roads.