The Ultimate Guide To Buying and Maintaining Electric Golf Trolleys

The era of hauling golf equipment on the back is a matter of the past. Golf means spending hours under the harsh sun. Add to that the additional task of carrying clubs around the whole course and that leaves one tired and completely worn out. Push and pull trolleys are slowly being replaced by the compact and easy electric trolleys. Every avid golfer now chooses to own an electric trolley for two main reasons – less physical exertion and avoid golf cart rental fees.

Here is a more comprehensive understanding of why an investment in an electric golf trolley of your own is worth every penny.

  • Some electric trolleys can be operated via a remote, your body can reserve all the energy on the game
  • Prevents back and shoulder pain
  • This comes most useful when you are going uphill or have more storage
  • Zero emissions, so environment friendly
  • Super quiet
  • Promotes walking than sitting in a golf cart
  • Some trolleys come with additional features such as GPS, shot measurement, umbrella holder, handle with mitts to keep you warm and phone holder. Listen to music, charge your phone and play golf all at once.

Can I Still Push If the Battery Dies?

Oh, absolutely yes! Thankfully, the modern electric trolleys are light and do not make it a Herculean task to push them around in an event when your battery discharges. It is inevitable to die out on the battery, but when the day comes, you won’t regret buying one! The improved light-weight design makes everything much easier and quicker.

Checklist of services that an electric golf trolley needs

  • A Full Service Including Battery And Charger Test
  • Motor Brushes Check (Where Accessible)
  • Loose Nuts & Bolts Check
  • Wheels Check
  • Clutches
  • Chassis
  • Visible Wiring
  • Grease And Lubrication
  • General Wear & Tear

If you are a professional or have just stepped into the world of golfing and asking yourself “how do I best care for my electric trolley?”, make an informed decision about choosing your service and repair partner. Good batteries that charge quick and will last you for long come with atleast 5 years guarantee. There are some cheaper options in trolleys but then reliability becomes an issue.

Yes, electric buggies and golf trolleys can be expensive. But, with a good service station that provides a high standard service and a comprehensive repair solution with top of the line engineers, you are covered no matter what issue one might face with their trolley.

You can always turn to trusted professionals such as Golf Trolleys UK who offer a range of electric buggy, scooter and trolley repairs to interested customers in Oswestry and across Shropshire. If you want to try the electric trolley experience before you invest a big deal in a brand new one, they also have an array of second hand golf trolleys. Get yourself one for this season and see how your body will thank you.