Top 5 cricket stadiums that have us awestruck today!

Excited about the cricket match. Got your ticket! Headed up the stairway to your row. As you settle down in your seat you are simply amazed to see the view which the stadium had to offer. Nobody would have thought to consider the scenery aspects while you are here for the match. Though there are a few stadiums around the world which you just can’t dodge the beauty of.

  • HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala, India

A mountain top stadium home to the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) sits 5,000 feet above sea level in Dharamshala, India. It is surrounded by magnificent Dhauladhar mountains. Other than the naturalistic view appeal, HCPA’s design and architectural elements represent the culture and history dwelling around the people of Dharamshala.

  • Galle international Stadium, Sri Lanka

Started to function back in the 19th century, Galle stadium mainly focused on racecourses. Later as time followed live sportslike cricket, international cricket slipped their way in. This stadium is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on 2 sides and just adjacent to it stands a historic castle which is believed to be dated back to the 16th century. The stadium suffered a major blow during the 2004 tsunami. But it was all revamped with excitement again in 2007.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

Melbourne Stadium is home to multiple sporting events like cricket, Olympics, soccer, commonwealth games, Australian football and even concerts. Famous for its grandeur and maintenance, MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground serves as one of the top 10 largest stadiums in the world.

  •  Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

Followed by MCG, Eden Gardens also falls under the top 10 largest stadium list of the world. Built by Britishers in 1861, Eden Gardens got its name from a popular park in the city of Kolkata. It was also the 2nd stadium to hold the world cup final matches in 1987. Said to be the toughest pitch and learning ground for cricketers, Eden gardens has a popular history of only one cricketer (Kapil Dev) striking a hat-trick.

  • The Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia
    It is located in Moore Park in the city’s east, is one of the world’s most famous cricketing grounds. It has a very small capacity (just over 40,000) for a stadium in a large city, but this has the immediate benefit of ensuring that fans are near to the action from practically any position on the ground.

It’s disheartening that you can’t visit any of the aforementioned stadiums, bearing in mind the covid-19 protocols. Nevertheless, we still can imagine those beautiful sunsets and noon hours hovering above the open stadiums. It’s hard to imagine because seldom are stadiums empty. To compensate for this, technology has come out to be the saviour. Today you can stream live sports just from home! It’s always an artistic therapy to make your own little stadium at home for the matches that are in the watchlists.