What is the equipment of a soccer player?

To practice such a demanding sport, it is necessary to have good accessories that help improve the practice. That is why this time we will show you what the equipment of a soccer player is. There are mandatory add-ons and others that are to suit each player.

The clothing of the footballers

The rule 4 of football generally defines the type of equipment that must use each player on the field. It specifies five accessories that are mandatory: T-shirt, shorts, socks, sneakers and shin guards. Although most players generally wear a specific type of shoe, the rules do not emphasize regarding characteristics..

Jersey or T-shirts

Each player must enter the field with the shirt that identifies the team where they play. They are generally made of polyester and are used for both training and competition. The colors to be used must be the opposite of the opposing team. If the player does not have the shirt allowed by the referees, he cannot enter the field, under any circumstances. But if any player, for whatever reason, removes his shirt in the middle of a game, he will be cautioned with the yellow card. In turn, he runs the risk of being suspended for a certain number of games.

Pants or shorts

The use of shorts is mandatory to practice soccer. Like t-shirts, pants are usually made of synthetic materials that repel sweat. There is a variant allowed, within the same rule, and it has to do specifically with the goalkeepers. These are the only players who can wear long pants, with prior authorization from the referees and / or delegates. Today footballers use accessories to improve comfort when playing.


Few factors need to be considered for socks. They should cover the entire area of ​​the shin guards and calf. They can be as long as the player prefers, but never under protection. The colors of both socks must be identical without neglecting the uniformity with the rest of their teammates. These implements are mandatory for soccer practice. They are made with a combination of synthetic and natural materials that help prevent injury.

Shin guards or shin guards

They are used for both practice and play. They are mandatory and no player can enter the field if they do not have this equipment. They should also be tight and covered by socks. It is important to keep in mind that this implement is the only protection allowed within the clothing to play soccer. They have a basic function: to protect the most exposed part of the leg, from kicks or playing actions.

Sneakers or boots

Sneakers are, perhaps, the most important implement of the soccer uniform. There are different types of special boots for each surface or playing conditions. There are many factors to consider before entering the field.  It is important to note that the use of sneakers is also mandatory. This is for safety reasons and to protect the integrity of the athlete. Love to place bets on football games? Know the Sure win football predictions and gain maximum benefits. Now that www.7m.tips has come up, it is really good news for the bettors. They will be getting an all new set of experienced tipsters who sell their most valuable betting suggestions. This is the site that every bettors had been waiting for and this is the site that every bettor will be able to win from.