What young sports girls are wearing in this autumn season?

Feel the smell of air and see the dry leaves falling. This season is nippy to chilling. In simple words, it is the onset of autumn season which will lead to winter. Everyone is glade especially in the warm areas. UAE is going to host the world’s biggest expo in Dubai with so many sports events. October is very important because thousands of tourists and foreigners will be coming to UAE. Coupon.ae with 6TH Street fashion store activates the 6th Street promo code on variety of sports style stuffs. From brilliant oversized jackets to fuzzy beanies and fur-lined sweaters, this time of the season is important for girls who like feeling cute and comfortable.

Tips for sports girls:

The autumn season is little different than cold. It is not chilling but it may make you feel the cold in evening. No doubt, the weather remains cool in October in UAE but there are chances of cold in the late night. This is why everyone must see the blessings of 6th Street promo code when buying sports clothes for different events in this country. We have some daunting tips for the teen or young girls who are participating in the sports activities. Follow the sports fashion tips in order to have a classic look and style with comfort.

Knee-high socks:

Yes, these are back in trends. The knee-high socks were popular in the 2000s. We know that it was time when most of the teen girls were in diapers. However, it is not necessary to forget the old fashions. There are several old fashions and trends making ground in the 2021. For example, the mom’s jeans have become popular again.

Bucket hats:

Don’t you like wearing beanies? Most girls don’t prefer the beanies when attending a professional or formal party. As a matter of fact, beanies are suitable for the street style and casual look. These are not suitable for the formal events such as Dubai Expo. It would be great to redeem the 6th Street promo code and select classic bucket hats. These hats are best for UAE culture and head covering is a common practice in this country.


Remember, you are going to walk or stand all the day in expo 2020. There is less chance of getting a seat while you are busy with the business activities. It is necessary to find suitable footwear for the Dubai Expo. According to fashion experts, sneakers are the best footwear having a comfortable style for everyone.

Oversized blazer:

This is in trend. This is why every girl should buy an oversized blazer as soon as possible. Several fashion stores are adding the autumn collections in October. It would be great to pick the new arrivals in order to satisfy your dressing demands. We prefer wearing oversized blazers with the makeshift dress. Normally, workers wear the blazers in order to have a corporate style.

Biker’s shorts:

It sounds strange. However, you are not going to wear them alone. Redeem 6th Street promo code and select biker’s short to wear under the blazer. Girls can also try it with oversized sweaters and other tops.