Why Do Indian Cricket Fans Love Fantasy Cricket Games?

With more than 7 million users, the fantasy cricket game has recently seen tremendous growth. Every Indian loves cricket, and playing the game is essential to growing up there. We get intrigued by the thrill and excitement of playing with an unfamiliar group and defeating the opposition. Due to time constraints and the pressure of other obligations in our lives, however, the player in us has gradually diminished. So, the introduction of online fantasy games has sparked a gaming spirit among cricket fans.

The desire to enjoy the fun and excitement in a digital setting has created a frenzy among cricket fans. The following are the main reasons why cricket fantasy game is steadily growing in popularity:

  1. Making a successful fantasy cricket team requires careful player selection. The best team can be put together only after you thoroughly understand the actual players’ performances. You can do this by basing your team-building decisions on player statistics from each match and on how well each player performed in that match. Therefore, to gain an advantage over your opponent and win the game, it is necessary to watch each player and assess their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. It is legal to play games on any sports fantasy app. Even though there is cash prize money involved, the Supreme Court has already ruled in favour of these rummy websites and given its approval, stating that it is a game of skill. Daily cash prizes are available to users who play fantasy cricket. Since the game’s outcome depends on your skill, playing such games is legal nationwide.
  1. Cricket fans now have a wide range of opportunities thanks to the online version of the game. You can have freedom and time restrictions with the digital online format. The addition of several fascinating gaming features, supported by a 3D view of the tables and other improved features to operate from any device, has dramatically improved the user experience and drawn cricket fans into the fantasy game online.
  1. One critical element that has drawn cricket enthusiasts to this fantastic fantasy cricket app is the rewarding element, which includes cash prizes. Apart from that, the game also offers numerous other winning opportunities each day. The winning team that accumulates the most points and has the most fun during the competition can receive an immediate bank account credit for up to 1 lakh rupees in cash.
  1. The rise in recent years in the number of T20 cricket competitions, including the Indian Premier League and other professional leagues, has also contributed to the expansion of fantasy cricket in India. Since international cricket matches are governed by bilateral agreements and are only permitted in specific international competitions, they have increased in number overall on the sporting calendar. Playing more games means that users of fantasy cricket apps can play more games.

In conclusion, fantasy cricket as a form of gaming is positioned to flourish in the future. So many fantasy cricket apps are available today, with more being released on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Playstore, is a blatant sign that this type of cricket is surging.