Will Savannah Marshall Be Able to Have Another Match with Shields?

It’s not uncommon to see boxers saying they learned a lot from a loss and want a rematch. How else would you get another chance to fight the opponent who beat you?

A recent story in sports news is Savannah Marshall’s promoter pushing to get a rematch between her and Claressa Shields as soon as possible. 

According to Ben Shalom, Savannah’s promoter, there is a lot that Savannah has learned from her loss against a great fighter Claressa Shields. He believes are rematch should take place before people even expect it. 

Millions Watched Shields vs. Marshall

You couldn’t call it just another boxing match. It was something unprecedented because millions of people watched the match as it unfolded in the O2 Arena of London—the first women’s boxing match to make the headline.

Ben believes that Savannah had shown great courage in a place and arena that both women had never experienced before. However, the fight definitely gave them both something to look forward to. 

According to her promoter, the loss is good for a player because it gives them time to reflect on their weaknesses and improve on them for the next match. 

The Match Was Great

There was nothing disappointing about the match. Both players showed class, but it was subtly evident that Shields had entered with a very strong plan and she stayed tenacious to it throughout.

The other fights that are apparently in the making for Savannah include a unification bout against Crews and match against Christina Hammer. 

One must not forget that Christina Hammer has been one of the best fighters against Shields. Savannah’s rematch with Shields may take place sooner than people realize. 

Whether Savannah goes against Christina or crews, she is definitely seeing Shields facing her again in one of the next few matches. Ben Shalom believes it might just be the match after the next one. 

Savannah Marshall believes she didn’t give her 100% on the day of the big fight against Claressa Shields. However, she believes she has learned from her loss and thinks she can definitely beat Shields in their rematch.