Golf Exercises For The Casual Golfer

Is Golf Exercise A Necessity?

Absolutely, if you want to be able to perform on the golf course at the top of your game.

If you’re not worried about getting better and cutting strokes, but are worried about beers and a great time then the only golf strength exercise you need is 12oz curls (for the girls).

Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

There are a handful of golf exercise moves that can really have a huge impact on your golf game. The better news… Is that most of them involve a medicine ball and hand strengthener.

Body Weight Golf Exercises At Home

Some of the easiest and most effective ways to get yourself in golf shape can be done at home. Wall squats, air squats, and stretching (aka yoga) are some of the top things recommended by top pros.

What Are The Most Important Muscles For Golf?

It seems like an obvious answer, but your arms and legs have little to do with your 300yd drive. The reality is that your core is the most important muscle area for a great golf game. The ability to keep yourself aligned in the backswing and follow through are critical to ensure a nice, clean, straight swing.

Kettlebells for golf?

Yep! One of the best workouts I’ve personally done include some of those mean old kettlebells. A simple Youtube search will yield a boat load of different types of moves and exercises that help with your grip, core, and stability all at the same time. For that reason, kettlebells have become one of my go to work out regiments during golf season. I love them because they’re lower impact than some weights, etc that I might use in the offseason.

Best Golfing Exercises For More Power And Distance

Are you ready for the brutal truth? Hitting the long ball nice and straight is actually pretty simple and it all starts with your core. Get your stomach, back, hips loosened and strengthened and you’ll be well on your way to crushing the ball 300+ yards in no time. Most guys wanna focus on the arms (bis and tris), but the core is the real key when trying to knock a par 5 on the green on the first shot.

Golf Exercises For Seniors

Well…. you may not wanna hear this one, but the best way to improve a seniors golf game is to stretch and stretch often. And by stretch, I mean do yoga. Yep… the “girls” workout is one of the best things any older golfers can do to remain fluid and keep their swings full and true.