Madden NFL 21: February Title Update


Let’s start this article by covering the last gameplay changes that the Title Update made to the next-gen version of the game. The first gameplay element that we will study in this section concerns the abilities. With the update, only players equipped with the Reach For it ability will be able to trigger successful pylon/first-down marker reach-tackles for Competitive game style. The update has also fixed an issue that caused the in-game indicators to remain visible during an entire play when abilities like ‘Blitz Radar’ and ‘Threat Detector’ were used.

The second next gen gameplay element that we will cover concerns the environment. The patch has fixed several issues that caused the coach and players present on the sideline to phase through opposing players during some sideline interactions, causing players to run or fall out of bounds. The update has also fixed an issue that prevented sideline ‘help-up’ animations from triggering even when the conditions were met.

Lastly we will discuss the general gameplay improvements. The update has fixed an issue that caused a new field to load with invisible players after switching Practice type from the Practice Pause menu. Additionaly, the punter will no longer line up too close to the line of scrimmage when punting from inside the 5-yard line, allowing the punt to be blocked too frequently.

Concerning the current generation version of the game, there have also been several changes to the gameplay. In Competitive modes, only the players equipped with the Reach For it ability will now be able to trigger certain reaches. The blitz’s with Nickel Corners in Contain has been fixed and deep-zone defenders in Cover 3 have been tuned. The patch has also fixed the frequency of defenders doing QB Slide avoidance. You will find the full patch notes on EA’s official website. While you’re catching up with these gameplay updates, don’t forget to check the latest Super Bowl ticket prices for the most exciting event in the season.

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Contributed by mezaoyabin.