Welcome All Cricket Lovers to This One Platform for Online Cricket Gaming

Most Indians have extreme craze for cricket. If you are one of the avid cricket fans, now you can enjoy endless cricket fun on Khelfactory’s Pro Cricket game. Yes, your favourite field game could now be on your fingertips. Download Khelfactory to have endless cricket fun on Pro Cricket.

Here is All You Need to Know About Playing Pro Cricket

Pro Cricket is designed for all the cricket enthusiasts out there. In this game, you need to score maximum runs if you wish to win. Here are some things you need to keep in mind while playing the Pro Cricket Game:

  • You can control the entire game with two easy controls while sitting at the comfort of your home.
  • Your Pro Cricket game will cease when you miss 5 balls in a row in a 100 sec time frame.

There is not much to know about enjoying this game if you understand the basic rules of cricket. Playing well could mean you win money through pro cricket. Now, isn’t that exciting?

How to download the Khelfactory App?

The new comers on the Khelfactory app do not know how to start off with pro cricket. We are here to provide the necessary guidance. Here is what you need to do:

  • You need to install the Khelfactory app available on the Khelfactory As soon as you install the app by providing your mobile phone number, you get a Rs. 35 welcome bonus.
  • Since you are a cricket fan, go ahead and select the Pro Cricket game. There are many other game options to choose from such as River Rush, Fruit Slice to name a few.
  • The app allows you to choose between live tournament or 1v1 battle. You can play these all day long.
  • Compete with your opponents on Khelfactory and beat them with your excellent cricket gaming skills. You can get the cash you won instantly into your wallet as soon as you win.
  • Withdraw cash and you have enjoyed the best round of online cricket on your smartphone.

What makes Khelfactory special compared to other cricket gaming apps?

Thanks to technology, now there are countless online gaming apps available readily. So, what makes Khelfactory different from other gaming apps? Here we have shared with you some facts that make Khelfactory your best platform for online cash gaming:

  • The app is a 100% secure platform for online gaming.
  • Players get to choose from a wide range of online cash games here.
  • No bots are used on Khelfactory.
  • You can withdraw the money you earned easily into your online wallet.

So, wait no more! Go ahead and download this excellent app for online gaming. Find new games on this app each month.