Learn How to Surf with Endless Summer Surf School Kauai

Standing up on a surfboard for the very first time in life is one thing, but actual learning to surf properly from professional trainers is a different story. To train visitors to surf on the waves of ocean water, the Endless Summer Surf School Kauai provides equal opportunities to all age groups to learn the Hawaiian tradition of surfing from experienced trainers.

This Endless Summer Surf School on Kauai was established by Hawaiian born and raised, Mr. Jamie Pacheco. Jamie has over 30 plus years of surfing experience, endless passion and knowledge about the people of Hawaii and the art of River Surfing

The Endless Summer Surf School is known for its private and group Poipu Surf Lessons at Poipu Beach. However other surfing opportunities are available upon request. Jamie has opened equal opportunities to everyone from kids to adults to train them in basic to advanced surfing techniques. His first student was his own 4-year old beloved daughter Eliana to whom Jamie taught everything about the ocean and surfing techniques and it was all his efforts and knowledge that Eliana made her proud by winning her first surfing competition.   

“Watching my 4-year old daughter Eliana gets up on her first wave and winning her 1st competition is what sparked my love for teaching the Hawaiian tradition of surfing. My journey as a surfing instructor pushed up me to open my own training school to share my passion and love for surfing with the world. At my school, I have a team of well-mannered, experienced, and professional trainers/instructors who assist me to train people in various group, private, and individual surfing packages and I am proud to share that we are the best Kauai Surf School,” said Jamie Pacheco, the Owner/Instructor of Endless Summer Surf School Kauai. 

Endless Summer Surf School Kauai offers the best surfing lessons on Kauai including; Group Lessons, Private and Semi-Private Lessons, Kids Private and Semi-Private, and the all inclusive THE LUX Kauai Surfing Lesson. Each course or lesson has its own requirements. In a Group Lesson, maximum of 4 students can get beginners training per instructor. For hesitant people, Private Lessons or one-to-one lessons have been designed to train them in advanced skills. Whereas, in Kids Private and Semi-Private training lessons, the age of students must be between 8-12 years old. Last but not the least. The LUX Surf Lesson is specifically designed to provide both land and multiple beach locations based on surf training by a professional personal trainer. For this exclusive package, 1-4 people can get training for 4-6 hours depending on which surf package you want.

Let Us Teach You

Endless Summer Surf School is your one-stop shop to learn surfing lesson on Kauai. With the best instructors and best equipment in hand, we are all set to give you valuable surf lessons. We are your ultimate destination when it comes to learning surfing lessons on Kauai. 

A Team You Can Trust

At Endless Summer Surf School, we have a highly professional and dedicated staff with extensive surfing experience. Our instructors stay calm and patient with all their clients and try to deliver the ultimate surfing knowledge along with practice to let you ride the waves safely. 

Age Doesn’t Matter

There is no age for fun and enjoyment. You have to be young at heart to enjoy and praise all the beauty around you. Whether you are a two-year old toddler or a 75-year-old adult, we still believe you can surf. Let our instructors teach you and enjoy your surfing with full confidence.

You Only Live Once

With the hectic and chaotic of life’s routine, surfing is not only fun, but it is also relaxing and tranquil. Surfing is a fun-filled sport that lets you feel freedom and peace at the same time while riding the waves. If you don’t know how to surf, we will teach you in one of the best Kauai surf schools.

Best Kauai Surf School

Not everyone can teach a skill. It is a talent to transform something complicated into a convenient one, and at Endless Summer Surf School this is what we do. 

We make surfing easier for those who never surfed before. So, while in Kauai, Hawaii, why not indulge yourself in a lifetime experience? Choose the best Kauai surf school, and let us teach you how to ride the wild waves of Kauai, Hawaii!